Absorgel pouches

    Absorgel pouches

    A simple and safe cargo desiccant in the form of a gel pad. An adhesive backing makes this a flexible and versatile option. The Pouch can be mounted on container walls, the side or top of pallets or simply packed between cargo.

    The active ingredient in the Absorgel Pouch is calcium chloride, which has a superior ability to absorb moisture from the surrounding air, absorbing up to 300% of its weight. Absorgel Pouches can absorb over 10 times more than traditional inbox desiccants. The absorbed water is bound into a gel so that no liquid water is formed.

    Working temperature: –20° C to +80° C
    Absorbing medium: Calcium chloride (CAS registry number 10043-52-4)
    Adhesive agent: modified starch. Calcium chloride is nontoxic, non flammable and environmentally friendly.
    Absorption capacity: 300%
    DMF free

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    125g Moisture Absorber Gel Pouch Desiccant (with Adhesive) – (100/ctn)

    $2.85$199.00 excl. GST
    • 100 units per carton
    • Up to 300% absorption capacity
    • Active ingredient: Calcium Chloride
    • Food grade, non-toxic and environmentally friendly
    • Adhesive backing allows for a variety of installation options

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    100g Moisture Absorber Gel Pouch (No liquid) – (160pcs/ctn)

    $6.00$176.00 excl. GST

    Typical Applications Include: Draws – Clothing Cupboards – Bathrooms Cupboards – Laundry Cupboards – Pantry – Tool Shed – Storage Boxes/Rooms etc.

    25g Absorgel Pouch (400 pcs/ctn)

    $11.00$180.00 excl. GST

    Typical Applications Include: Electronics, Machine parts, Mechanical equipment, Photo equipment, Food ,Boxes, Tools, Tupperware, Stamp collections, Winter Wardrobes