Packaging Desiccant Options

    Packaging Desiccant Options

    Our packaging desiccant range can be used in tandem with our shipping desiccants or stand alone. With a selection of absorbent materials and sizes available, we can find a desiccant to suit your needs.

    PACKAGING DESICCANT OPTIONSClay (MT)Mineral Desiccant (MD)Silica GelAbsorgel Pouches
    Active IngredientMontmorillonite ClayCalcium Chloride + Montmorillonite ClaySilica GelCalcium Chloride
    Absorbing Capacity (up to…)20%70%35%300%
    AdvantagesYes Environmentally friendly
    Yes Conforms to MIL-D-3464
    Yes Higher Absorption capabilitiesYes Well known
    Yes Can be used with organic and metal cargo
    Yes Versatile
    Yes High Absorption capabilities
    DisadvantagesYes Lower Absorption CapabilitiesYes Can not come in to contact with metallic cargoYes Requires a relatively stable environment to work optimally.

    Yes Lower Absorption Capabilities

    Yes Can not come in to contact with metal.

    Not sure how much you’ll need? To help you make sense of the world of inbox desiccants we have a Guide to calculating your Inbox Desiccant needs. For those who may already be having success with a desiccant type, check out our Inbox Calculator to determine the quantities you’ll require.

    Need some help navigating our desiccant range? Contact us and we’d be happy to advise a solution to best suit your needs!

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