• Type: Nestable – saving you precious floor space.
  • Size: 1100 x 1100 x 130mm (+/- 3%)
  • Weight: 18kg (+/- 2kg)
  • Raw material: 100% Recycled wood
  • Static Load Rating: 6,500kg (Unified load)
  • Dynamic Load Rating: 2000kg (Unified load)
  • Entry points: 4

The Humble Pallet

Products are secured to pallets to absorb stresses during transportation, provide weight support, withstand forklift impact, and safeguard products as they travel through the supply chain.

Because of the recent global effort to maintain sustainability in operations, there is a rise in demand for sustainable alternatives. Compressed Wood Pallets are an excellent substitute for companies looking for more cost-effective and sustainable logistics solutions.


The Compressed Wood Pallet Solution

Compressed Wood Pallets, also known as Presswood Pallets, are pallets made from a variety of wood by-products, including scrap pallets, wood waste, wood shavings, and sawdust. They are typically made from resinous trees, with chips coming directly from logging and sawmills or the wood-recycling business. These materials are bonded with resin, or similar bonding agents. It is then compressed into a mould under force and heat, producing the one-piece pallet.

They are designed to hold substantial load capacities, while optimising space. Being nestable and stackable, this pallet helps in maximising storage and reducing freight costs during shipment. The pallets stack neatly and are easily separated with a forklift.

The nine pod feet enable 4 points of entry. The pallet can be picked up from any direction by a forklift or pallet jack, making it extremely convenient when loading and unloading.



Compressed Wood Pallets are made of recycled wood waste created by shredding and reprocessing old pallets, thereby minimising carbon emissions.

Built entirely from waste materials – ranging from recovered wood fibre to sugar cane pulp – these pallets are eco-friendly and meet ISPM15 Export Guidelines for wood packaging. The ISPM 15 regulations limit the spread of disease and pests whilst transporting wood packing materials internationally, preventing biodiversity harm.

Compressed Wood Pallets are also highly reusable and durable, making them a cost-effective logistics solution as well.

Additional information

Carton Weight1188 kg
Carton Dimensions110 × 110 × 245 cm
Pallet Dimensions

110cm x 110cm x 13cm

Entry Points


Select Options


Full Stack

66 pieces
1,188 kg
110 x 110 x 245cm

Less than full stock

32 pieces
576 kg
110 x 110 x 120cm


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