Continuous Silica Gel Roll

The Continuous Silica Gel Strip Desiccant is based on our WiseMini® Sachet. It allows customers to deliver desiccants into their packaging through automated means. The strip works seamlessly with the automatic cutting and dispensing machine thus greatly improving safety and efficiency.


WiseMini® Strip Desiccant conforms to US FDA Standards. It can be safely used in the medical and healthcare products industry as well as other industries that require small packaging to be moisture-free. The WiseMini® Sachet and strip are compliant with USP41-NF36 <670>.

Making your desiccant insertion automated

You can make your desiccant insertion automate by utilizing the WisePac® Cutting & Dispensing Machine which is a multi-functional automatic cutter and dispenser. It works seamlessly with our WiseMini® Strip desiccant and ensures continuous recognition of cutting mark and senses the joints of continuous desiccants. It can reach speeds of up to 150- 180 sachets per minute and automatically senses any errors within the desiccant strip.


What is Silica Gel and how does it work?

Silica Gel is a glass-like, porous structure of silicon dioxide (SiO2).  It adsorbs up to 30% of its own weight. And you read it correctly, that’s adsorb and not absorb. Silica Gel adsorbs moisture with the water molecules adhering to the surface of the Silica Gel granule.  Silica Gel is covered in millions of pores that retain this moisture.  Pore opening size ranges a magnitude up and down from a billionth of a metre (nanometre). The pores create a huge surface area, which will bind water through surface adsorption and capillary action.

Silica Gel packets provide an economic and effective way of protecting against moisture damage during transit and storage. The sachets are filled with non-indicating beaded silica gel desiccant, available in a variety of sizes.

Silica Gel can be used for protecting electronic equipment, cameras, tools, computers, musical instruments, preservation packaging and all humidity sensitive products.

Silica gel come packaged in Tyvek bags which are made from high density polyethylene fibers, making them extremely tear-resistant. In addition, Tyvek is lightweight, flexible, smooth, low-linting, and is resistant to water, chemical abrasion, and ageing. The Pro-Ex silica gel range is food grade.



Silica Gel desiccants are available in different qualities, which exhibit different absorption characteristics. In general, a particular Silica Gel will have a maximum adsorbance at a particular relative humidity. The adsorbance will fall off at either direction from this point.

Under optimal conditions Silica Gel will adsorb up to 30% of its own weight, but under practical conditions usually much less.

The adsorption ability falls at temperatures above 30-40°C.  Although some moisture can be adsorbed at temperatures up to 80°C, the risk of re-evaporation of already adsorbed moisture make silica gel unsuitable for use in an environment where temperatures of above 40°C may occur even temporarily.

NOTE: Silica Gel desiccants are NOT suitable as a shipping desiccant but can be used in packages where the risk of high temperatures is small.


Advantages of Silica Gel

  • non-toxic and non-flammable
  • odourless
  • adsorbs up to 30% of its weight in moisture.
  • if stored correctly can have an almost indefinite shelf life.
  • can be reactivated and reused if required.
  • non-corrosive.


Silica Gel Applications

  • Prevent mould – leather goods, photo albums, certificates, photo frames
  • Reduce spoilage and prolong shelf life – dried fruit, herbs, nuts and medication bottles
  • Prevent corrosion – camera equipment, tools

Additional information

Carton Weight11.8 kg
Carton Dimensions35 × 37 × 38 cm
Sachet Weight


Sachet Dimensions

1.9 cm x 4.2 cm


Inner Spool Diameter



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Guide to calculating Silica Gel needs
Silica Gel Calculator

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