Absorgel Hanging 250g Moisture Absorber – absorbs up to 300% of its weight

ABSORGEL® – HANGING 250g – is a simple and safe product in the form of a gel pad. The ABSORGEL Hanging will start to activate once removed from its sealed package.  ABSORGEL Hanging is designed to be a versatile and flexible desiccant. It comes with a hook that can be hung snugly inside cupboards.
The unit is non-toxic and Environmentally Friendly.

Easy to install

1. remove from sealed package
2. Immediately active!

Additional information

Weight0.290 kg
Suitable for:

Clothing Cupboards – Bathrooms Cupboards – Laundry Cupboards – Pantry – Tool Shed – Storage Boxes/Rooms etc.


L = 42 cm W = 14 cm D = 2 cm

Net weight:

290 Grams


– 20°C to + 80°C

Absorbing medium:

Calcium Chloride (CaCI2)

Adhesive agent:

Modified starch