As the days get shorter, night-time temperatures plunge and summer becomes a distant memory, spare a thought for your home as you bunker down for the winter months. Aside from the obvious temperature fluctuations, winter months present changes to our lifestyles that impact our households moisture levels.  We firmly shut our doors to the cold, dreary weather, switch on our heaters and generally spend more time indoors. The impact these changes have are to create the perfect conditions for damp and stale air.

Managing moisture levels in the home benefits not only our household items but also our general wellbeing as it can trigger health problems such as allergies and asthma.  Just as we switch to our flannelette sheets, so too should we prepare our homes for the change of season.

Tips to keeping moisture at bay:


Regularly opening up our windows and doors around the house to catch the breeze helps to combat the build up of moisture levels in the home. Whilst winter brings the appeal to close up the house and bunker down, it’s important to remember that air flow and circulation can not only remove stale air but also improve the air quality inside your home.

Follow the sun

Get to know your home and when and where you can find sunshine.  For some homes it may be a day-long blessing for others it may be a morning or afternoon affair. When the sun does touch your home, be sure to open the house to it, dry clothes outside, air pillows, duvets and rugs. And while you’re at it, be sure to grab your own dose of Vitamin D, as it does wonders for your health!

Be aware of the problem areas

Steamy warm showers, cooking up a storm in the kitchen and drying clothes inside are all activities that mark the colder months – they do though introduce large amounts of moisture into your home.  So make sure, you open a window, turn on exhaust fans or perhaps try to dry clothes on your porch or near a sunny window.


Installing a dehumidifier appliance in your home is a great solution for those whose homes are prone to high levels of moisture. They also work well if you or a household member are prone to allergies that can be triggered by high humidity levels.

Air Conditioners

In the process of cooling down the air in the summer months, air conditioners also happen to reduce the humidity levels. Cooler inside temperatures reduce the ability of the air to hold moisture and will result in moisture condensing at the air conditioner unit. Unfortunately, this process does not occur when your air conditioner is used to heat the house in the cooler months.

Household Desiccants

Some of our household items are more prone to moisture damage – namely items that are perhaps packed away at the back of the cupboard. These may be your photo albums, craft supplies, sport equipment, certificates and cameras. They are characterised by the fact that they may be infrequently used for a time and can be particularly close to your heart.  For those items it is important to take extra care. Desiccants, absorbers, scavengers, whatever name you may know them by are specifically designed to remove moisture from enclosed spaces such as boxes, cupboards and roof spaces. We at Pro-Ex offer a range of desiccants for the home from hanging absorbers that fit snugly in wardrobes to storage absorbers that can be used alongside your keepsakes.  Contact us and we’d be happy to find a solution that best fits your needs.

Check out the latest Pro-Ex In the Home Brochure for our complete range of desiccants and absorbers for the home.