High Security Container Bolt Seal II (250pcs/ctn)

$13.99$199.00 Excl. GST

ISO17712 Compliant High Security Bolt Seal with inbuilt visual tamper evident features.

  • Oval shaft and bolt prevents tampering via spinning the bolt
  • Spring Wire locking mechanism
  • Self-locking mechanism ensures easy locking without any need for tools
  • Security ribs prevents hiding visual evidence of a shaft which has been cut out
  • Matching serial number on bolt and shaft
  • 18mm pin and bolt complies with ISO17712 standard
  • Removal only with bolt cutter
  • Sold in cartons of 250 pieces or single packets of 10 pieces


Contact us to customize your seal with logos, text, barcodes and/or serial number

Note, colours may be subject to availability.

For bulk orders (+5 cartons) please contact our offices for pricing.

Gel 1kg Desiccant – Hanging (10pcs/ctn) – $8.99 each

$19.90$89.90 Excl. GST

Hang Horizontally in the recesses of containers.

Units required in 20″ container – 4

Units required in 40″ container – 8

  • 300% absorption capacity
  • 10 units per carton
  • Powerful hanging container desiccant
  • Active ingredient: Calcium Chloride and starch
  • Food grade, non-toxic and environmentally friendly

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Dunnage woven bags – 90cm x 180cm

$16.90$799.00 Excl. GST


Outer layer – Polypropylene woven fabric with UV Protection
Inner layer – Co-extruded PE & Nylon with high puncture resistant
Valves – Fast fill valves are easy and quick to inflate and deflate. Valves have very good air impermeability.


For every batch of Dunnage Air Bags produced, one out of every ten bags are tested.
100% leakage tested

Load Capacity – Less than 45000 lbs

Working Pressure – 2.90 PSI / 0.207 Bar

Burst Pressure – 8.7 PSI / 0.6 Bar

Transportation Mode – Truck, Intermodal, Sea container

A visible red stripe when the dunnage bag has been positioned, indicates when a dunnage bag has been over-inflated.

Dunnage bags can be inflated with our Dunnage Bag Inflator.  Alternatively, an air compressor with an 8mm connection pipe can be used.

100cc Oxygen Absorber (100pcs/pkt) – FDA Approved

$7.60$140.00 Excl. GST

Absorbing capacity of each 100cc Oxygen Absorber unit is 100cc or 100ml of oxygen.

To determine how many cubic centimeters your oxygen absorber should be, it’s important to consider the type of food being packed. The requirements will vary depending on the volume of the food, the “void space” (the space between food particles), and the “head space” (the container space not filled with food). Our oxygen absorber range is food grade.


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Each packet contains 100 pieces.


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The Biozone Air Purifer ICEZONE uses Photoplasma to extend the lifespan of your Ice Machines.

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