Dunnage Bag

    Dunnage Bag


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    5 x Dunnage Woven bags (90cm x 180cm) + Inflator

    $119.00 excl. GST

    Dunnage Bag Bundle includes:

    1 x Dunnage Bag Inflator

    5 x Dunnage Woven Bags (180 cm x 90 cm)


    Bundle and SAVE!

    Dunnage woven bags – 90cm x 180cm

    $15.00$650.00 excl. GST


    Outer layer – Polypropylene woven fabric with UV Protection
    Inner layer – Co-extruded PE & Nylon with high puncture resistant
    Valves – Fast fill valves are easy and quick to inflate and deflate. Valves have very good air impermeability.


    For every batch of Dunnage Air Bags produced, one out of every ten bags are tested.
    100% leakage tested

    Load Capacity – Less than 45000 lbs

    Working Pressure – 2.90 PSI / 0.207 Bar

    Brust Pressure – 8.7 PSI / 0.6 Bar

    Transportation Mode – Truck, Intermodal, Sea container

    Dunnage bags can be inflated with our Dunnage Bag Inflator.  Alternatively, an air compressor with an 8mm connection pipe can be used.