Oxygen Absorber Calculator

The Oxygen Absorber Calculator helps you determine your oxygen absorber requirements based on package volume and the weight of the contents.

To use the calculator, simply enter the Length, Width and Height of your packaging box as well as the Weight of the package contents and we’ll do the rest.

Results will automatically be generated with recommended product quantities displayed according to packet size.

Working Example. Sean has a 175g packet of beef jerky with the dimensions 15 cm x 20 cm x 3 cm. Sean inputs the weight, and dimensions into the calculator – the order of dimensions doesn’t matter. The results indicate Sean could purchase 5 x 30 CC Oxygen Absorbers, 3 x 50 CC Oxygen Absorbers, 2 x 100 CC Oxygen Absorbers or 1 x 200 CC Oxygen Absorber. Clicking on each product will take you through to the buy now page.


For further guidance about the Oxygen Absorber calculation, check out our Guide to calculating your Oxygen Absorber needs.

Need some help? Contact us and we’d be happy to advise a solution to best suit your needs!

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