For maximum efficiency and durability, the strapping systems supplied by Pro-Ex includes a range of strapping hardware: Buckles, Dispensers and Tensioners.

    By applying the correct tension and using the ideal buckle, cargo can be strapped securely thus ensuring safe and trouble-free transportation on any vehicle, inside or on top. Dispensers assist with the even distribution of the strapping during application.

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    19mm Strapping Tensioner

    $112.00 Excl. GST
    • Ideal for adjusting tension straps on pallet loads
    • Use on all Poly Strapping
    • Suitable for those who need to secure pallet loads in warehouses, distribution centers and processing plants
    • Suitable for Strap Widths: 12mm – 19mm

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    Deluxe Strapping Dispenser

    $168.00 Excl. GST
    • Use with Woven Strapping
    • Handy bucket to hold strapping buckles
    • Dispenser helps maintain a neat, hazard free workspace – keeping straps away from oil, dust and debris on workplace floors
    • Buckle holder on side for easy access