Silica Gel Calculator

The Silica Gel Calculator has been created to assist our customers determine their silica gel requirements.

To use the Silica Gel Calculator , simply enter the Length, Width and Height of your packaging box and we’ll do the rest.

Protection Experts Australia - Silica Gel Calculator

Results will automatically be generated with recommended product quantities displayed according to packet size.

Working Example. Amy has a shoebox with the dimensions 35 cm x 20 cm x 14 cm. Amy inputs the dimensions into the Silica Gel calculator – the order doesn’t matter. The results indicate Amy could purchase 15 x 1g Silica Gel packets, 8 x 2g Silica Gel packets, 3 x 5g Silica Gel packets or 2 x 10g Silica Gel packet. Clicking on each product will take you through to the buy now page.

Package dimensions: (cm)
Volume per package (litres)
No. Silica Gel units required per package

Protection Experts Australia - Silica Gel Calculator


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