Waste Baling Strapping

Waste Baling Strapping


Bonded strapping, otherwise referred to as hot melt strapping, has many advantages over conventional manually applied products such as steel straps, metal banding, rope, plastic straps and stretch film. Compared to these products bonded strapping is applied in a faster, safer and cheaper way.

It can be joined by a simple knot or used in combination with buckles, tools and tensioners, providing the most dependable joining systems. The strapping can be tensioned using manual or pneumatic tension tools.

Key characteristics of bonded strapping include:

  • Gentle on delicate edges and surfaces
  • Use with buckles or just a knot for easy binding
  • Hot melt lamination provides for controlled uncoiling
  • Dynamic load movement is absorbed by the elasticity of the strapping.
  • Weatherproof and UV resistant
  • Superior system strength when used with “Extra Grip” phosphate buckles

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13mm Bonded Strapping – 370kg

$268.80 excl. GST


Width:                              16mm
Width inches:                 5/8 inches
Breaking Strength kg: 350kg
Coil size m:                    3230 feet
Coils per pallet: