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Strapping Systems, Additional Insurance for the Safety of Your Goods in Transit

Our quality brands protect goods from movement, moisture and oxygen damage while they are in transit or storage. We have products that absorb water to prevent your goods from becoming soggy or attracting mould growth, desiccants that preserve your products and strapping that prevent your goods from moving around and being damaged during transportation. We have a range of strapping systems to choose from, ensuring that all types of goods, no matter their size or weight, can be secured during transit. Our products provide an additional form of insurance for the safety of your goods.

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When Buying Cargo Restraint Systems Consider This

Securing your goods for transit is essential as it prevents the load from shifting inside the crate, truck or trailer and getting damaged or, throwing the transport vehicle off balance which could cause an accident. Before you buy any cargo strapping, find out the dimensions of the items you want moved, the weight of the load and how they will be transported. This information will guide you in deciding what strapping system you will require to ensure a safe transit.

  • Make sure you know the weight of the goods you need to secure, strapping that is too weak will end up snapping under the weight of the item it is supposed to secure.
  • Our strapping is made from different materials to ensure the immobility of various weights during transit; each product indicates the maximum load it can restrain.
  • Know the dimensions of the goods that you’re securing and the size of the space where you need them to fit during transport. This knowledge will guide with how much strapping you require. If you’re going to need additional items to protect the goods, for example, furniture removalist blankets or removalist furniture felt – we can assist.

Related Services we Provide to Cargo Strapping Systems

We aim to protect your cargo during transit and storage, which in turn protects your business. Other than strapping, blankets and other protective items, we supply products that protect packed goods from moisture and oxidation damage.

  • We have protection products for specialised industries including, electronics and metal components, exporting and logistics, food packaging and processing, military and aerospace, pharmaceuticals, storage, and textiles and paper products.
  • Our home options include oxygen absorbers, storage desiccants and hanging moisture absorbers to control moisture. Oxygen absorbers protect against mould growth, prevent microbes from growing, stop fat oxidisation and maintain food taste, colour and consistency.
  • Our storage desiccants are available in various sizes, and are recommended when you store items such as clothes, photos, certificates and shoes. These desiccants absorb moisture which could cause mould and odours.

Why you Should use Protection Experts Australia

Our products provide you with protection of a different kind, ensuring your goods are not ruined by moisture and oxygen or damaged when in transit. We guarantee our prices are the best and will beat any price on identical stock items. We offer free printing of your company’s name on the strapping system you purchase.

You can place your orders conveniently online or you can contact us for guidance on the best products to use.

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