Webbing Strapping


    Webbing is an extremely versatile woven textile, often replacing steel wire, rope or chains.  It has everyday applications such as seatbelts, load straps and strapping for bags and canvas products, marine and yachting equipment, footwear and furniture.  Industrial applications include use in the mining sector, automotive and transport sectors, rigging and other industrial manufacturing operations.

    The benefits of webbing include:

    • High tensile strength
    • Ease of application – being lightweight, portable and flexible
    • Weatherproof and UV resistant
    • Corrosion resistant
    • High shock absorbency

    Webbing is secured by specially developed non-slip phosphate buckles, and tensioned with a manually operated, battery operated tensioner or pneumatic tools.

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    13mm Strapping – 300kg

    $160.00 excl. GST


    Width:                               13mm
    Width inches:                  1/2 inches
    Breaking Strength kg:  300kg
    Coil size m:                     3610 feet
    Coils per pallet:              54 per pallet



    16mm Strapping – 480kg

    $156.80 excl. GST


    Width:                               16mm
    Width inches:                  5/8 inches
    Breaking Strength kg:  480kg
    Coil size m:                     2790 feet
    Coils per pallet:              54 per pallet



    25mm Polyprop Webbing

    $268.80 excl. GST
    Meters per coil50m
    Coils per Carton24
    Total Length1200m


    50mm Polyprop Webbing – 100m roll

    Meters per coil50m
    Coils per Carton11
    Total Length550m

    50mm Removalist Webbing White – 50m Roll

    $39.90$198.00 excl. GST

    High quality, durable removalist webbing

    Roll Dimensions: 50mm x 50m

    Carton: 6 rolls

    50mm SeatBelt Restraint Webbing

    $384.00 excl. GST
    Meters per coil100m
    Coils per Carton6
    Total Length600m

    19mm Strapping – 750kg

    $145.28 excl. GST

    Width: 19mm
    Width inches: 3/4 inches
    Breaking Strength kg: 750kg
    Coil size m: 1640 feet
    Coils per pallet: 54 per pallet