Esorb Clay Desiccants MIL-D3464E spec

Esorb Clay desiccants are a range of packaging and shipping desiccants to protect cargo from moisture damage such as mould, fungus and rust. They include a choice of montmorillonite clay (MT) or active mineral desiccant (MD). MT contains 100% clay. The active mineral desiccant (MD) is a mixture of montmorillonite clay and calcium chloride as active ingredients. Esorb desiccants come in various sizes and packaging materials to suit your needs, including desiccants that conform to MIL-D-3464 and other international standards.


Esorb clay desiccants (MT) are a range of environmentally friendly desiccants and are widely applied in various industries and distinguished by the fact that they are bio-degradable, hazard-free to human beings and conform to MIL-D-3464 standards.


The following is a breakdown of our clay desiccant range:

If clay desiccants are not what you need, review our Silica Gel Desiccants or Mineral Desiccant range.

Advantages with Esorb MT desiccant bags

– Cost effective
– Conforms to MIL-D-3464 standards
– Available in a wide range of sizes and packaging materials
– Environmentally friendly, 100% bio-degradable
– Non-toxic material, it can be disposed with regular waste
– Safe option compared to silica gel
– Does not contain DMF
– Esorb sachets come in sizes suitable for inclusion in individual crates cartons and boxes


Typical Applications

– Electronics
– Machine parts
– Mechanical equipment
– Photo equipment
– Food
– Pharmaceuticals
– Metals


Storage and Handling

Esorb desiccants are packed in transparent airtight polyethylene (PE) bags. After opening the protective PE bag, the Esorb desiccant will start absorbing moisture from the surrounding air. To ensure the best possible performance follow the storage and handling instructions you receive with your purchase of Esorb desiccants.


Esorb MT Technical Specification:

Weight : Various sizes from 1/6 unit (5.5 grams) to 32 units (1056 grams)
Absorbing material : Clay 100%, contains no calcium chloride
Water absorption capacity : 20% of its dry weight at 25°C, RH: 40%, over 25% at RH 90%.
Packaging : Tyvek® (TY) or non-woven (NW)
Standard : Complies to MIL-D-3464
Product code : MT (montmorillonite); MT1= 1 g sachet, MT20= 20g sachet etc


Desiccant bags are available in the following sizes:

– MT 1/6 unit (5.5 grams)
– MT 1/3 unit (11 grams)
– MT 1/2 unit (16.5 grams)
– MT 2 units (66 grams)
– MT 4 units (132 grams)
– MT 8 units (264 grams)
– MT 16 units (528 grams)
– MT 32 units (1056 grams)


Available in the following packaging materials:

– Tyvek (TY)®
– non-woven (NW)

The Absorption Capacity of Clay Desiccants (25° C)

Absorbance & Relative Humidity Calculation of Fiber, Mineral, Silica Gel Dessicant

Packing Material for Bags:

Type A = non woven = dustless Type B = Tyvek = dustfree

Type IndicationType Bag per cartonDimension of the bag
MT-3232 units(A)18150 x 300 mm
MT-1616 units(A)30150 x 210 mm
MT-88 units(A-B)60105 x 200 mm
MT-44 units(A-B)12088 x 150 mm
MT-22 units(A-B)20078 x 130 mm
MT-1/21/2 unit(A-B)72057 x 90 mm
MT-1/31/3 unit(A-B)128057 x 80 mm
MT-1/61/6 unit(A-B)140057 x 65 mm