For maximum efficiency and durability, the strapping systems supplied by Pro-Ex includes a range of strapping hardware: Buckles, Dispensers and Tensioners.

    By applying the correct tension and using the ideal buckle, cargo can be strapped securely thus ensuring safe and trouble-free transportation on any vehicle, inside or on top. Dispensers assist with the even distribution of the strapping during application.

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    We Have the Tensioners You Need to Secure Your Cargo Correctly

    If you need reliable tensioners that will help secure your cargo sufficiently, you are in the right place. With a host of products, we provide effective cargo protection solutions that cater to several transport applications. Choose Protection Experts Australia today and ensure your cargo arrives undamaged.

    What Sets Us Apart from Our Competition When You Need a Strapping Dispenser

    Here are a few reasons we believe Protection Experts Australia should be your number one choice and why we blow away the competition when you need a strapping tensioner:

    • Our business is the result of three cargo protection businesses merging to create one company. We bring experience from all over the cargo protection industry to ensure you get the advice and service you need every time, whether you need moisture, oxygen, or transit damage protection. Every item we stock has a history of customer satisfaction so you can rest assured they all work.
    • We provide excellent turnaround times for all our products. We understand your cargo needs to leave at specific dates and we will never cause delays. We get your shipment protection to you on time every time, so that you don’t experience any schedule interruptions from our end.
    • We provide excellent quality moisture protection at low prices to help your budget go even further. Not only do you save money on protection with Protection Experts Australia, but the protection will save you money in avoiding damaged products.

    Our team provides the combined experience of three cargo protection businesses, and we always offer excellent turnaround times and affordable prices. Get everything you need right here and never worry about cargo damage again.

    The Importance of Using Our Strapping Dispensers and Protecting Your Cargo

    To help you understand the benefits and importance of the right cargo protection, we put together this list:

    • Cargo belts and chains receive varying degrees of stress during transit. If you do not take the necessary measures to keep these belts and chains at the right tension, you risk them losing their tautness and slipping off the cargo, or worse, the load sliding out underneath it, resulting in avoidable damages.
    • A tensioner can absorb much of the tension going into belts and chains, providing it with a much more reliable hold overall. When you do not use one, you risk your belts and chains snapping entirely when the tension becomes too much to handle, rendering them utterly useless for the remainder of the trip.
    • You want to make sure you use the right products for the right job. We can advise you on what you should use based on your freight. If you use the wrong products, you risk them not working as intended, leading to unnecessary damages and the resulting expense.

    Why Trust Us When You Need Reliable Services for a Lashing Tensioner and Similar Items

    We provide an extensive range of load securing products; whether you need dunnage bags, buckles, or more, you can always find it here. Our teams provide exceptional customer service, whether you have questions or need advice. When it comes to shipment protection, there is no better team for the job.

    Securing your cargo provides the peace of mind you need. We provide the necessary items to secure any form of cargo, and our professionals will always suggest the most suitable product for your unique job. Call today and let us help you strap your cargo in securely.

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