Inbox Calculator

The Inbox Calculator was created to assist our customers answer the question, how many desiccants do I need?  It takes into account three variables:

    • volume of the space,
    • how well sealed the items are. Completely sealed environment uses a VCI or similar moisture barrier packaging, whilst the Well Sealed Environment simply uses plastic wrapping.
    • the desired relative humidity levels.  The degree of a goods porosity will impact the humidity levels you would like to maintain. Food, fabrics and metal are at risk of humidity breeding mould and corrosion. Plastics may however be less prone to damage from high humidity levels.

The Inbox Calculator has been created to assist you in calculating how many desiccants you require. To use the calculator, simply enter in the Length, Width and Height of your packaging box and we’ll do the rest.

Results will automatically be generated with recommended product quantities displayed.  Simply click on the Clay Desiccant, Mineral Desiccant or Silica Gel Desiccant to link through to the product.

Working Example. Michelle has a package of leather goods, bound in plastic with the dimensions 30 cm x 28 cm x 45 cm. Michelle inputs the dimensions into the calculator – the order doesn’t matter. Michelle’s well sealed environment will need to maintain low humidity levels so she requires; 129g Clay Desiccant, 76g Mineral Desiccant, or 121g Silica Gel.


For further guidance about the desiccant types at Pro-Ex, check out our Guide to calculating your Inbox Desiccant needs. 

Need some help navigating our desiccant range? Contact us and we’d be happy to advise a solution to best suit your needs!

Package dimensions: (cm)
Volume: (litres)
Completely Sealed Environment
25°C, 80% RH to 60%
25°C, 80% RH to 40%
Well Sealed Environment
25°C, 80% RH to 60%
25°C, 80% RH to 40%

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