Composite Strapping

    Composite Strapping

    Composite Strapping is manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarns and encased in a high quality polymer coating. Often referred to as “Synthetic Steel”, it is an effective alternative to Steel Strapping, Metal Banding and Plastic Strapping.

    Composite Strapping is designed to absorb impacts and load shifting during transit and unlike Steel Strapping will not snap or break. It is recommended to be used with Phosphate Buckles for optimum system performance.

    Key characteristics of composite strapping are:

    • The stiffness of composite strapping makes it easy to feed the strapping under pallets.
    • It is a safer alternative to Steel Banding.
    • The polymer coating ensures that during packing the Composite Strapping is not compromised by sharp edges or rough surfaces.
    • It does not rust and therefore will not damage precious cargo during transit and storage.

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