For maximum efficiency and durability, the strapping systems supplied by Pro-Ex includes a range of strapping hardware: Buckles, Dispensers and Tensioners.

    By applying the correct tension and using the ideal buckle, cargo can be strapped securely thus ensuring safe and trouble-free transportation on any vehicle, inside or on top.

    Buckles come in a variety of forms. Galvanised strapping buckles are designed to slide easily over strapping. Alternatively, phosphate-coated buckles use a coating that creates a non-slip buckle surface resulting in a buckle with extra grip.  Lashing buckles are designed with the wider width of lashing in mind as too the heavier duty applications required. We carry both the phosphate-coated and drop forged ladder buckles.

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    Purchase Cargo Buckles Through Protection Experts Australia

    Are you in search of quality cargo buckles? Look no further than the selection available at Protection Experts Australia. We carry a variety of products that help to keep your cargo secure and dry.

    The Importance of a Lashing Buckle

    There are many practical reasons to invest in a lashing buckle. A few examples include:

    • Ensures that your shipment gets to its destination with minimal movement: In many cases, it’s not advantageous for products to move while they are being shipped. When a container rocks freely, you run the risk of irreparably damaging the contents. A buckle ensures that the straps that hold the container in place remain steadfast against any movement of the unit.
    • Keeps your team safe: If you intend on sending a member of your team with a piece of cargo, strapping a container into place using a buckle helps to keep your workers safe. If your cargo is not secured correctly, you run the risk of injury to one of your employees by something toppling over on him or her.
    • Helps to keep moisture out: If cargo containers are not properly sealed and locked in place, there is a chance that moisture could seep in, which can cause damage. Purchasing a buckle that helps to keep your cargo secure and in place reduces the possibility of moisture issues.

    What You Can Expect from Protection Experts Australia Regarding a Cargo Buckle

    When you need a cargo buckle or any goods protection products, our company is here to help. When you place your order through us, you can always count on the following:

    • Easy return policy: We want you to be 100% pleased with your purchase which is why we offer an easy return policy. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your item, contact us within 30 days, and we will process a full refund. Remember, we also have the option to exchange your unopened item.
    • Expedient shipping: We realise that you need your item as soon as possible, which is why our team works quickly to fill your order. In most cases, your purchase will be despatched from our warehouse by the next business day. If you have any concerns, we encourage you to speak to our customer service team who will always get back to you the same day.
    • Price guarantee: Our team proudly offers reasonably priced products. If you find an identical item at a lower price from one of our competitors, let us know, and we will beat it.

    About Protection Experts Australia

    The team at Protection Experts Australia is readily available to provide you with advice and insight regarding the best products that you can use to ensure that your merchandise remains protected. Our customer service team is available to answer any of your questions so you can finalise your order with confidence. Send us a message today through our contact page or speak to a member of our team using our live chat feature.

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