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    Eliminate Your Cargo Damage!

    Dunnage airbags are used in containers, closed rail cars, trucks and ships and manage the movement of cargo by bracing the loads, filling voids, protecting cargo from in-transit damage and absorbing vibrations. The Airbags can effectively prevent cargo shifting or slipping or dropping.

    The cushioning protection result achieved by airbags is superior to any other kind such as wood, paper mould or foam.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are Dunnage Bags?

    Dunnage bags, also known as airbags, air cushions, and inflatable bags, are used to secure and stabilize cargo. Introduced around 1970, the airbags provide convenient and cost-effective cargo stabilization in sea containers, closed railcars, trucks, and oceangoing vessels

    Where Can I buy Dunnage airbags?

    Pro-Ex sells high quality airbags at unbeatable prices! Purchase 1 unit or 100/ctn. We also deliver Australia wide.

    Eliminate cargo damage with dunnage bags.

    Stop your cargo shifting by providing a cushion of stability for your load with our void-filling dunnage bags.

    To inflate your dunnage bag check out our Dunnage Bag Inflator, alternatively use your own air compressor with an 8mm connection pipe.

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    Protect Your Products When You Use Our High Quality Dunnage Bags

    If you need help protecting your products in transit we provide the perfect solution with our dunnage bags. We can also help you secure your consignment in a range of other ways. Choose Protection Experts Australia and get the cargo protection you need.

    Benefits of Using Our Services When You Need a Dunnage Air Bag

    You should always have complete transparency when working with us, which is why we put together a few of the benefits you can always expect when choosing our services:

    • We provide an exceptional range of products to our clients to help them address various circumstances. You might need a dunnage bag to help secure your shipments. We can also provide you with items such as buckles, security seals, oxygen absorbers, tape, dispensers, and much more. When it comes to protecting your cargo, we are the only team you will ever need.
    • We have more than ten years of experience protecting Australian goods, so you can rely on us to get the job done. Unlike numerous businesses, we do not merely recommend our most expensive item to clients. We recommend the products that will get the job done most efficiently, whilst suiting our customers unique requirements. Your shipment is as important to us as it is to you.
    • When you need customer service, we are a phone call away. We will answer any of your questions and will happily explain why we believe one product would work better than another. Our priority will always be your satisfaction.

    Whether you need a range of products to choose from, a team that will always recommend the best fit, or a team that can provide you with assistance whenever you need it, choosing us is the best choice. Let us help you protect your cargo.

    Problems We Address with Our Services as a Dunnage Bag Supplier

    You might have heard that you can use dunnage air bags to secure your freight, but you might not understand fully why it can help, so we put together the following to help you understand:

    • Dunnage provides an excellent way to fill voids in between your boxes with something protective. It absorbs pressure and allows your packages or cases to remain separated and significantly lowers the chance of damage.
    • We recycle our dunnage as much as possible to ensure environmental support. Protecting your containers with environmentally friendly dunnage ensures that no plastics or unnecessary items go to landfills or end up contributing to pollution.

    About Us and Our Services as Dunnage Bag Suppliers

    With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Protection Experts Australia is the sum of three former businesses. Absortech Australia, Absorhome, and Cargo Care Specialists came together in 2019 to form Pro-Ex. Now, we can offer our customers vastly more product options than previously provided, ensuring we meet an even greater range of needs. If you need your consignment protected from moisture, oxygen, or transit damage, we are the only team you will ever need.

    We pride ourselves on providing you with only the highest quality dunnage so you can have peace of mind knowing your cargo remains safe. Call us today and let us advise the best way for you to keep your shipments out of harm’s way.

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    5 x Dunnage Woven bags (90cm x 180cm) + Inflator

    $119.00 excl. GST

    Dunnage Bag Bundle includes:

    1 x Dunnage Bag Inflator

    5 x Dunnage Woven Bags (180 cm x 90 cm)


    Bundle and SAVE!

    Dunnage woven bags – 90cm x 180cm

    $15.00$650.00 excl. GST


    Outer layer – Polypropylene woven fabric with UV Protection
    Inner layer – Co-extruded PE & Nylon with high puncture resistant
    Valves – Fast fill valves are easy and quick to inflate and deflate. Valves have very good air impermeability.


    For every batch of Dunnage Air Bags produced, one out of every ten bags are tested.
    100% leakage tested

    Load Capacity – Less than 45000 lbs

    Working Pressure – 2.90 PSI / 0.207 Bar

    Brust Pressure – 8.7 PSI / 0.6 Bar

    Transportation Mode – Truck, Intermodal, Sea container

    Dunnage bags can be inflated with our Dunnage Bag Inflator.  Alternatively, an air compressor with an 8mm connection pipe can be used.