200cc Oxygen Absorber can be used for a wide range of snack and food products. Examples include:

  • Seeds, nuts and dried fruits
  • Beef jerky and dried foods
  • Pet foods
  • Breads, cakes, cookies and other bakery goods
  • Herbs, tea and tobacco
  • Coffee

Our oxygen absorber range is food grade.

Note: Oxygen Absorbers do not create a vacuum. Oxygen Absorbers trap oxygen from the surrounding air.  Air comprises 20% oxygen and 80% nitrogen. As a result, the use of oxygen absorbers will not create the appearance of a vacuum seal. This is a different process.


Units Required


Main ingredients (iron based)

Iron powder, active carbon powder, salt, diatomite granule and water.

Oil proof packaging material: PET/EVA/PAPER/PE



The oxygen absorbers should be used as soon as possible once opened the package and cannot be exposed in the air for more than 60 minutes. Otherwise the sachets will lose the absorbing capacity before usage.


Check out our helpful guide of frequently asked questions.


Usage Instructions:

Oxygen Absorber usage Instruction video



Oxygen Absorption Required for the Long Term Food Storage of Common Foods
To ensure adequate oxygen absorption for the long term preservation of food we recommend Mylar Bags should be filled completely & food packed tightly. There is no risk when using more oxygen absorbers than necessary. If you are unsure of the quantity of oxygen absorbers needed, always opt for the higher quantity. Note: Some foodstuffs such as flour and powdered mixes, consist of very fine particles, that contain a surprising amount of air. Be aware that 300cc oxygen absorption quantity per 3.8 litres isn’t enough for food types like pasta.
Mylar Bag Size (Fill Completely)Pinto Beans, Red Beans, Rice, Sugar (35% air)Flour, Flax Meal, Instant Mixes, Powders, Coffee Beans (50% air)Pasta, Cereal, Instant Potatoes, Oatmeal, Barley, Dried Corn (75% air)
Small – 473ml50cc50cc100cc
Medium – 946ml100cc100cc150cc
Large  – 1.89L150cc200cc350cc
XLarge  –  3.78L300cc400cc500cc
XXLarge – 18.9L1400cc2000cc2500cc


Additional information

Carton Weight11.3 kg
Carton Dimensions40 × 20 × 24 cm
Suitable for:

Snack and food products including seeds, nuts, dried fruits, beef jerky and dried foods, pet foods, breads, cakes, cookies and other bakery goods, herbs, tea and tobacco, and coffee.

Unit Size:

5 cm x 6 cm

Unit Weight:

6.7 Grams


The oxygen absorbers do not contain any ethyl alcohol and it has not been used in the manufacturing process. No ingredients of animal origin have been used.

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Please find below all relevant Technical Product Sheets, Material Safety Data Sheets etc…

Oxygen Absorber Brochure
Guide to calculating Oxygen Absorber needs
Online Oxygen Absorber Calculator

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  1. I had the best customer service. Debbi provided me with very helpful information and was able to help me choose the correct product I needed to purchase for my use. Was very understanding and patient with all my questions. Went above and beyond. Will definitely be a returning customer. Thank you

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  2. This company is great to deal with. Quick delivery, items packed well and so far I’m a happy customer.

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  3. Oxygen Absorbers work well.

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  4. This product is really useful for our food products

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  5. Great product, this is the second order with this company. Easy online ordering and fast delivery

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