Insurers estimate that 12% of all container shipment damage is moisture related, which translates to substantial product wastage and a hit to the bottom line.

Moisture forms within shipping containers as a result of two factors:

  • the relative humidity of the loading location. Increased moisture in tropical climates such as Australia is trapped and held within the container creating condensation.
  • Temperature changes en route. The amount of moisture the air can hold doubles for every 10 degrees Celsius over normal temperatures. Considering the changing weather conditions, day and night time extremes and the distance goods have travelled, there can be significant fluctuations to the relative humidity within a container.

Container rain, or “sweat” is the condensation that takes place within a sealed shipping container. Similar to a cold drink left in the sunshine, the water accumulates on the coldest parts, which in the case of a shipping container is typically the walls and ceiling of the container, hence the prospect of container rain.

Absorgel Hanging provides a high moisture absorption solution with no liquid water residue.  Using calcium chloride it aggressively extracts the water from the air binding it into a gel so no liquid water can leak.

It is easy to use and is designed to occupy minimal container space. A single-use unit, the calcium chloride and gelling agent are non-toxic and the outer materials are recyclable.

The Absorgel Hanging starts working as soon as it is removed from its sealed packaging and can hang within the corrugated recess of container side panels or horizontally above the cargo.

Calcium chloride absorbs moisture from the surrounding air as it passes through its outer breathable packaging material.  The Absorgels adhesive gel ensures absorbed moisture stays trapped within the product. It is secured in place with a hook and adhesive pad.

Absorgel Hanging can be used for any type of cargo that only requires 25mm between the cargo and the absorption unit. It is well suited to tightly loaded containers and effectively protects items such as:

  • Agricultural products
  • Metal products and machinery
  • Furniture and handicrafts
  • Textiles and leather
  • Consumer products

How many hanging units are required depends on shipment time, climatic conditions en route, air volume in the container, cargo type, packaging type and so on. An approximate guide is:

Container sizeDry cargoWet cargo
20 ft4-68-10
40 ft8-1216-20

We can assist you to calculate the precise number of units to fit your unique circumstances.

So don’t risk your precious cargo, protect your investment with Absorgel Hanging units.