Finding the right solution for reliable protection against moisture damage requires understanding the causes. As a guide we have compiled a selection of questions that addresses aspects which are relevant when it comes to choosing humidity protection for your shipments.

Parameters for the selection of absorbents:

– The absorption capacity either in total or in relation to the absorber mass.
– How well do absorbents handle mechanical impact?
– How well do absorbents bind the moisture? Chance of hydration?
– How easy or difficult is it to apply the absorbent? Will there be any “junk” to take care of after loading?
– How easy or difficult is it to take care of the absorber after use? What are the environmental and recycling aspects?
– How much space does the absorber require inside the packaging and in the container? How secure is the absorber from being displaced during transportation?
– At what temperatures should the absorber work?
– How long shall the absorber work? How sure is that the absorber will work during that time?
– Will absorbent come in contact with the load? Risks of some absorbers for certain materials.