High Security Container Bolt Seal II

Container Bolt Seals are designed to provide maximum barrier resistance and are most effective to prevent intrusion. They are constructed of hardened steel and require a bolt cutter to remove.  Our bolts are ISO17712 C-TPAT Compliant meaning that the Container Bolt Seal has been tested at an accredited laboratory and meet the requirements for a High Security Seal.  The High Security Container Bolt Seal is certified for use internationally.

All our Container Bolt Seals feature:

  • Carbon Steel Pin – Hardened Carbon Steel Pin provides extra barrier resistance.
  • Plastic Coated – ABS plastic coating to protect the pin against the elements.
  • Dual Numbering – Identical serial numbers on both the Nut and Pin prevents tampering by switching out the pin.
  • Anti-Spin Feature – Prevents tampering by spinning the pin at high speed which will result in pin releasing from the locking chamber.
  • Anti-Cut Feature – Prevents tampering by cutting the pin close to the locking chamber and hiding the cut in the locking chamber.
  • Unique Numbering – Unique sequential serial number with extra area for printing of logos or text.
  • Easy Application – The Bolt can easily be applied by hand.
  • Removal by Cutting Tool only
  • Bolt and Nut joined for easy handling.

Technical Specifications

  • Body: Hi Impact ABS
  • Shaft and Bolt: Carbon Steel
  • Locking: Spring Wire
  • Tensile Strength: 1,150kgs
  • Shear Strength: 300kgs
  • Total Length: 88mm
  • Locking Length: 46mm
  • Bolt: 10mm
  • Nut: 22mm
  • ISO17712 C-TPAT Compliant

High Security Bolt diagram


  • Transportation
  • Cash In Transit
  • Retail
  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
  • Food Services
  • Manufacturing & Packaging
  • Delivery and Courier Services
  • Mining

Typical Applications

  • Shipping Containers
  • Bulk Tankers and Trailers
  • Tote Boxes
  • Courier Van Doors
  • Boxes
  • Roll Cages
  • Hatches
  • Railcars

Customisation Options

Customising the artwork printed on your bolts is not just a branding exercise. By having your own artwork, you are reducing the possibility of tampering or pilferage.

• Customer name and corporate logo
• Customised text and artwork
• Up to 8 digits sequential numbering
• 2D / QR technology barcode

Which bolt would be suitable for me?

High Security Bolt – This bolt is ISO17712:2013 certified as a High Security seal and is also C-TPAT certified. It is suitable for export containers and meets the requirements for exports to the United States and Europe.

Economical Bolt – Equally as strong as the high security bolt, however without the ISO17712:2013 certification. These are ideal for use with domestic freight on higher value items.

Mini Bolt – When a high tensile strength isn’t required the mini bolt is used extensively on trucks. Note, that Pacific National does not accept the use of this bolt.

Additional information

Carton Weight19.5 kg
Carton Dimensions50 × 32 × 13 cm

34 × 20 × 27 cm

Tensile Strength

1150.0 kgs


Hi Impact ABS

Shaft and Bolt

Carbon Steel


Spring Wire

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